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Internal Medicine Veterinarian Albuquerque

Two veterinary technicians examining an X-ray on a screen part of the internal medicine offered
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The veterinarians and veterinary staff at Petroglyph Animal Hospital in Albuquerque have a wide range of experience in recognizing and treating internal medicine cases and chronic conditions. Our vets study your pet’s lab results and internal images along with their medical history and clinical findings to search for clues that will lead to a diagnosis. We also have close relationships with specialists in our area and are always able to consult with or refer to these experts as needed.
Our experienced team of veterinarians and veterinary nurses works closely together to identify your pet’s condition, stabilize the animal, and establish a plan for recovery or ongoing health management. These steps may involve any combination of drug therapy, pain management, diet modification, and even surgical intervention as needed.

Call us today if your pet is suffering from chronic illness or symptoms that appear suddenly. When it comes to internal medicine and chronic conditions in animals, you can trust the veterinarians at Petroglyph Animal Hospital in Albuquerque to solve the problem and come up with the best treatment plan.

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