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Veterinary Care for Exotic Pets in Albuquerque

If you are adopting an exotic pet for the first time, it is important to look for an experienced exotic animal vet in Albuquerque. Exotic pet care requires a unique level of expertise and training to ensure that your pet maintains optimal health and wellbeing.

What Animals Are Classified as Exotic Pets?

While the term “exotic pets” might allude to a rare or unique species of pet, generally, exotic is an umbrella term for any type of pet that isn’t a cat or dog. A few of the most commonly owned exotic pets include:

●      Rabbits

●      Ferrets

●      “Pocket pets”: Rats, guinea pigs, sugar gliders, hedgehogs

●      Birds

●      Reptiles: Snakes, lizards, turtles

The Importance of An Exotic Animal Vet in Albuquerque

If you are interested in owning an exotic pet, it is important to work only with a veterinarian who has exotic pet experience rather than a general-practice vet. Clinics with expertise in caring for these animals possess:

The Right Equipment & Treatments

The medical tools and medications needed to care for exotic pets properly are typically different from what is needed for cats and dogs. Clinics that specialize in exotic pets have taken the time to purchase this more specialized equipment and carry medications useful in treating exotics.

Advice for Care

Caring for an exotic pet in Albuquerque takes research and preparation. Every type of exotic pet comes with its own varying requirements for diet, habitat, and handling. Experienced exotic pet veterinarians can advise pet owners on the best practices for maintaining their animal’s physical health and wellbeing.

Exotic Vets in Albuquerque at Petroglyph Animal Hospital

Your exotic pet deserves to receive the utmost care and attention from its veterinarian. To schedule an appointment with the best exotic animal vet in Albuquerque, don’t hesitate to get in touch with Petroglyph Animal Hospital today