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What You Need To Know About Caring For a Puppy

Owning a sweet little puppy can be a lot of fun, but it can also be a daunting challenge. You’re sure to immediately have a long list of things to do to ensure that you’re giving your new best friend the care they need. From choosing the right food to scheduling puppy shots in Albuquerque, here are the basic things you need to know about taking care of your precious pup.

Are You Stocked With All the Puppy Supplies You Need?

Even the smallest pups can require a lot of supplies! You should always stock up with puppy supplies such as dog food, bowls, beds, chew toys, balls, and a collar and leash. Be sure to choose beds and toys that are durably made to withstand the rough and tumble puppy days, and don’t forget to check the ingredients on the dog food you purchase to ensure you’re only buying the healthiest and most nutritious food.

Have You Scheduled Your Puppy Shots?

Puppies can experience plenty of different illnesses, so give your dog the protection they deserve by planning to get all the puppy shots in Albuquerque that they need. You’ll have a wide range of immunizations to choose from, but you’ll want to ensure you protect your pup from the most common illnesses like heartworm and rabies. Be sure to talk to your vet about the most important vaccines in your situation.

Are You Ready for Training?

Your puppy likely won’t be the best-behaved pup when you first bring them home, so make sure you get ready to spend plenty of time training them. Good puppy training should focus on basic actions like obedience and socialization, so your dog will grow up to follow commands and be kind to those around them. Don’t forget to shake up your training schedule with treats and playtime!

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