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When to Get Puppy Shots

As the owner of a puppy, one of the first important decisions you’ll have to make is when to get your new pet vaccinated. Vaccines give your dog the protection they need to thrive for the long term. If you’re wondering when to get puppy shots in Albuquerque, here are a few tips to consider.

How Old Is Your Puppy?

In general, you should start vaccinating your dog once they are between 6 – 8 weeks old. After that initial vaccine, you’ll want to continue vaccinating your dog with additional shots and boosters every three or four weeks. You’ll continue this cycle of shots and vaccinations until your dog is roughly a few months old. Your dog’s specific vaccine schedule may vary depending on factors such as the size of your puppy’s litter, the environment your puppy was raised in, and their mother’s level of immunization.

What Kind of Shots Does Your Puppy Need?

Your puppy can benefit from a wide range of vaccines, although the specific shots that your dog may need once again depend on circumstances such as their parents, litter size, and environment. In general, though, the most common puppy shots address conditions like distemper, dog flu, rabies, and kennel cough. Be sure to talk with your veterinarian about the specific immunizations your dog may need.

What Should You Do After You Get Your Puppy Shots?

Once your puppy gets immunized, you’ll want to follow your vet’s directions after each shot. Specific vaccinations may have requirements such as rest or avoiding the company of other dogs, such as by staying away from dog parks. Remember that the specific requirements vary depending on each kind of vaccination!

Learn More About Getting Puppy Shots in Albuquerque

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